my hubby needs your help!

Hey girls!

My hubby's office are having a 'bake off' at work, each week a office member has made a cake and the rest of the team mark them on it (i'm assured they do actually do some work too,lol!) Anyway its my hubbys turn, he wants something thats simple to make, that tastes yummy but looks like it's taken some effort. so any ideas? xx


  • rock cakes! They're about the only thing I can bake, so definitely simple!
  • double post! I know rock cakes are good but no need to repeat it BE!:roll:

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  • Flapjack! Mummystephe has an ace recipe that is stupidly easy to make (sorry I can't remember it) we made it with the posh porridge oats that have whole cranberries and stuff in it and it was delicous.
  • hmmm, let me think...

    what have his colleagues made already?
  • Austrailian crunchies!!!!! I have to make them every week for my hubby, they are soooooo tastey! xxx
  • Lemon drizzle cake.... There's a yummy recipe on the BBC website by tana Ramsey or you could do chic chip cookies!
  • My husband loves choclate come again. After you ahve mised the ingrediants and put it in a tray. You bung it in the fridge, no cahnce of burning it lol! Then you melt chocolate and spread it on top. Can add rasins to the mixture to be a bit different. If you want to recipe i can email it to you.
  • what on earth is chocolate come again and australian crunchies?

    Both sound like I should be eating them!
  • chocolate bannana cake, i don't like bannana's but i love this cake if you want the recipie just let me know
  • ooh yes please Girlinleeds, i dont like bananas but maybe i'll like this then?
  • right i'll dig the recipie out
  • choc brownies, annabel karmel recipe, my 12 yr old nephew can make them and they're so yummy and gooey.... prob won't make it out the front door image
  • choc and banana cake
    1x 8inch greased spring tin (or cause i haven't got one i line the tin with baking paper grease the outside and it lifts out)
    2 large ripe bannanas
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence
    1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
    6oz margarine
    8oz sugar
    10oz self raising flour
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    3 eggs
    2oz choc chips (or what i do is buy a big bar of cadburys chocolate chop up 2oz and use the rest melted on the top to make it extra yummy)

    Peel and mash the bananas with the vanilla essance
    heat margarine and sugar, untill the sugar has dissolved
    sift in flour salt and bicorbonate of soda
    Beat in eggs and bananas then leave to cool
    stir in chocolate chips (might need to add a few more to cover the ones you ate whilst the mix was cooling)
    spoon into tin and cook at 170oc for 45 mins or untill knife comes out clean
    Wait patiently for cake to cool then melt remaning chocolate and cover top of cake, don't forget to lick bowl (no point wasting good chocolate)

    Leave untill chocolate has set and enjoy, does keep for a few days in the fridge, but it never lasts that long
    really simple but so yummy image
  • Carrot cake - I have a fab recipe and am always asked to make it for family parties etc. Let me know if you want it!
  • You can't beat carrot cake!
  • this might not be actually classed as a cake but it is soooooooooooooo easy and i swear me and my oh get asked to make it every where we go.
    its called malteser cheese cake .
    ill put recipe on in case any one is interested.
    i packet digestives
    2 small tubs philledephia 400 grammes in total i thiknk
    2 tubs 180ml cream so 360 in total i think i use double but youcan use whipping
    8 to 10 tablespoons icing sugar
    pouch of maltesres and choc flake

    so all you do is crush your buscuits into crumbs and mix with some melted butter pack into a cake tin (one of the deep push up base tins) chill in fridge whist you making filling
    whip up your cream and soft cheese until really thick and stir in icing sugar keep tasting till you get the right sweetness then stir in maltesers. add to base add more maltesers and flake to decorate chill in fridge over night!! Done 10 mins and tastes divine x
  • Malteser brownies!
    really really yummy, they're my little friday treat at work, but apparently they're as easy to make as it is to run across to the deli and buy them! Use any chocolate brownie recipie you can find (don't use walnuts if it lists them!) spread a layer of matesers on the bottom of a baking tray and then pour the mix over the top and put in oven as per recipie, just make sure you don't cook it as quite as long as the recepie says as you still need these gooey in the middle, to be able to appreciate them properly! as the mix cooks the air in the maltesers makes them float to the top, leaving little trails of melted chocolate through the middle - take my word for it absoloutly delicious - can't eat any normal brownie now!
  • Flapjack! Mummystephe has an ace recipe that is stupidly easy to make (sorry I can't remember it) we made it with the posh porridge oats that have whole cranberries and stuff in it and it was delicous.

    That is coz i is mostly stupid with a dash of easily confused and I need v easy recipes to follow image :lol:
    I can dig it out for you if you like?
    I am partial to a bit of banana loaf at the moment, or profiteroles (OH loves them freshly made!)

  • choc cheesecake won ours. he found the recipe online (very easy to do) and everyone loved it - 10/10 all round.
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