Doctors or not?

Jasmine hasnt been herself past 2 days. today has been awful with me not being able to put her down at all. she hasnt drunk any bottles just a mere 2oz and is yelling a high pitch scream. she does feel slightly hot but no other symptoms?
i was jsut wondering whther u wud take ur LO to docs or not. i dont wanna go for him to say there isnt anything wrong with her! if u no what i mean
thanks xx nat and jasmine 6 months today! xx


  • With her not eating really at all I would taker her...far better safe than sorry and that's what docs are there for hon.

    Hope she's back to herself soon.

  • I would take her for your piece of mind. Have you tried her with some calpol or nurofen to see if this helps? Hope you can get into the doctors, and she's better soon xx
  • I'd also take her if I was in your position. If she was just off her food today i'd wait but with a high pitched scream I'd have her checked to be safe. Hope it's nothing xxx
  • never take the chance with babies, i'd take her to docs. No doctor will think you're waisting their time xx
  • thank u ladies im trying to get through now but phone is engaged as usual! def need the peace of mind. i have already tried calpol honeypops with no avail image
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