Appreciating my OH

Just wanted to write a nice post to say how much i appreciate my OH.

It wasn't till I listened to other new mums where I live and read other stories on here that I realised my hubby is brilliant. When LO was born he stopped going to rugby training just to spend time with us. Every night he comes in he takes LO straight from me to give me a break. He helps bath and put him to bed EVERY night without fail and always senses when i'm getting stressed and takes over. He knew I was tired the other night so got up in the night to feed lo when he woke, even though he was getting up at 6:30 for work as well.

So anyway, just wanted to say, my hubby is FAB!!

Anyway else want to say how fab their OH is?!



  • yes, mine too! brilliant!

    arent we lucky ladies
  • Awww what a lovely post image

    I'll join in!

    My hubby is absolutley fantastic too. When I was in hospital before and after giving birth he drove backwards and forwards 3 times a day to come and see me because of the hospitals very strict rules on visiting despite us living an hour away and was running round all the shops getting me all the extras I needed as I was staying in and getting everything ready for us to come home (we weren't quite ready as she came a month early!).

    He never moans about helping with Olyvia and you can see on his face how much he loves her and loves looking after her too. I am BF'ing but he always offers to give her a bottle of expressed milk to let me get some extra sleep and in the night he gets up to change her nappy before I feed her and gets me a drink and a snack.

    Hubby stays up with Olyvia between the 11pm (ish!) and 2am feed so that I can go up to bed and get some undisturbed sleep as I don't sleep properly when she's in the crib next to me.

    He's been cooking and cleaning, doing all the food shopping and giving me massages....and never once complains!

    I certainly feel very lucky image

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • Aw, glad to hear there are toher lovely daddys out there too!! NN, I need to get on to mine about the massages! haha, think I may be pushing my luck!!

    My hubby seen this post at dinner time, a wee while later he went off towards the front door of the house with LO and I shouted "where are you going" to which he replied, "i've got the recognition I wanted, now i'm off!" Cheek! He was really off to turn the heating on!!

  • Hi

    My hubbie is good to he does lots to help night feeds and most of the cooking xx
  • I'm joining in as well. I don't know what I'd do without my hubby. He works 8.30-5 Mon-Fri and as soon as he comes in, he takes Jack and feeds him, then does every night bath and feeds him his last bottle and then puts him to bed. He feeds him during the night on a Saturday (Jack stays with his Nan on a Friday or he'd do that too).

    When Jack was in hospital for 3 nights, he arranged time off with his work and stayed over at the hospital to let me go home one night for a sleep and he was always up at the hospital at 9.30am every morning so that I could get away for a rest. He never wanted to leave Jack's bedside for one minute either. Before Jack went into hospital, he would stay up really late with him while he was screaming and running high temps, even though he was working the next day and was even up till 3am one morning.

    My hubby loves his son to bits and knows that he's his responsibility as much as mine and just wants to spend every minute of the day with both of us. He sends me a text message every day from work to say he misses us both and loves us very much.

    He really is a star!

    C and Jack xx
  • Oooh, I wanna join in, my hubby is great too, good job cos from next month I go back to work and he's taking a break from work to be a stay at home dad for 6 months.
  • me too me too

    My husband is quite frankly the most amazing man on this planet!

    Through the hell of ttc the loss the hellish pregnancy and the traumatic birth - he has been my absolute rock.

    Toby seems to know when daddy is coming home from work as he watches the door (the dog does this too) and the great big smile as i hand him over melts hubbies heart.

    He absolutely adores toby but has also made it clear that one amazing little man is enough and whilst he would like another he maybe couldnt cope in the same way again.

    Simon - you are my rock and i love you soo very very much x
  • I'm glad i started this thread now, I so often hear people complaining about their other halfs, its lovely to hear you all talk about how brilliant yours are!!
    I think we chose well when we chose who to have a family with!!

  • Oh I will join in as well.

    When I was in hospital with pre-eclampsia hubby was over every day straight after work and all day at weekends. He held my hand and the gas and air for me during my labor. He gave Olivia her first feed. I had a difficult time with recovery after birth and hubby did most of the feeding, changing and he did all the cooking and cleaning.
    He comes home every night after work and cleans the kitchen down and then takes the baby to give me a break.
    He helps bath and then he feeds and puts Olivia to bed. At the weekend he gets up and does the morning feed so I can have a lie in and he does most of the cooking at the weekend. He shows loads of enthusiasm at little girls clothes and encourages me to buy them!!

    Here's to the wonderful hubby xxxx
  • Me to!!!

    I have freinds that there oh does not do anything with house or baby but my oh is a star!he always has helped with house work and cooking so that's normal but he is very hands on dad!
    He will not do everything for baby when he gets in as I say he needs little time to relax as well but bath and last bottle n bed everynight he loves it said its there little bit of time!
    He is up feeding dd her morning bottle the now and likes me to have long sleep but can't sleep!

    But yes could not deal with oh that did not won't to anything for there child it annoys me!

    Love you kenny!!!!

    Heidi n heidi 6weeks 6days xx
  • lovely post image oh is fab to us too image ....

    he is such a fab daddy to our 2 children ,gets up in the night if dd wakes and goes to get her a bottle because im too scared to go back down stairs in the dark :lol: dong slimming world and he is trying so hard to do it with me so i can keep at it ....last night i went to see some friends for 1 drink after work and when i got home at 8 he had made my tea ,for the second time this week it was on the table for me image ...he loves us all so much .....can i add one downside to my lovely oh??!! :lol: At the moment he is terrible clingy ,i cant go out for very long without him suspecting im up to something :roll: ...i wouldnt mind but i cant imagine anything worse that another man in my life :lol: i just want some peace sometimes from being mummy and a wifey :lol:

    sorry just a lil rant image xxxxxxxx
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