On a lighter note...

Has everyone recieved their secret santa yet. My pressies are stareing at me and are begging to be opened.

I dont know how much longer I can wait!lol!

Kerry xxx


  • hi kerry,

    i have mine, but, tbh, i have excellent willpower, so i havent shaken it or anything!! it's sat all lonely on the shelf!

    i didnt even open the clue card for a week, but then that seemed to be what we were supposed to do, so i did!

    i think i know who as the clues were easy, but then i'm gonna look a real prat if i'm wrong!!
  • i got mine today and work out has sent it can wait to open it too
  • Hi Kerry,

    Just wanted to say "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells!!!" image

    You made me feel all light hearted and Christmasy again (just been reading the arguement thread...oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...) :roll:

    Happy BESS to you!!! :lol:

  • Thats why I posted this, think my happy pills have started to work,feeling so much happier and cant wait for christmas.

    Zoey Im exactly the same, I normally wait up till 12 midnight on christmas eve to open my pressies. I have no will power.

    Kerry xxx
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