moving baby into brothers bedroom!

I'm really stressing about this. DS2 wakes loads in the night, but is not consistent with timings and he CAN sleep through occasionally. I've been waiting for him to sleep through so that he can go in DS1's room. However I'm starting to think that this will NEVER happen.

Hubby and I really want our space back, plus I'm sick of not being able to reach my clothes properly! DS1 is such a good sleeper and has been forever, he's also been in his own room since he was 9 weeks old, so I'm worried sick about his sleep being disturbed by his little brother. HV said he shouldn't wake and if he does he should learn to just turn over and go back to sleep. (hubby manages that every night!).

I THINK i have to just go for it with it, but I'm so stressing about it. We only have 2 bed house, so no other options! Unless he sleeps in the shed lol!


  • Thanks! that is a lovely positive answer to my stresses.
    tomorrow is the BIG night, so will keep you posted. Fingers crossed my 2 are as good as your 2! I can imagine them being up at 6am too!
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