tmi poo!!

hi everyone,

Sorry tmi my daughter is 9 weeks old and for the last week or so has had a darkish green poo and normally it is yellowy i havent changed anything at all and she hasnt had anything different is this normal?

Thanks amie


  • its probably just a bit of wind, its normally green when they have a little belly ache, i dont think its anything to worry about, my son is 12 weeks and his changes from week to week x
  • hey,

    is she breastfed? Babies who are breastfed can have green poo iif they've taken all the goodness out of your milk - can happen particulary when their going through a growth spurt.
  • HI , my Daughters now 8 months and the only time she ever had green poo was from a virus tummy bug. Just double check with your HV or GP to make sure your baby is hydrated and if they are should be fine. nothing was done when Lily had green poo and it just passed on it's own! She wasn't ill at all a bit grumpy that was it! and she's breastfed all along. Don't worry though just double check it's what they are therefor!
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