feeling crappy - just need a whinge!

Hey girls,
please ignore me Im just having an off day so thought i'd off-load to save me from going stir-crazy!!! Charlie has never been a baby who can easily entertain himself but he's just over 4months and it's not getting any better, whatever i put him in/on he just grizzles until he's having as full blown screaming fit! im not getting a minute to myself as soon as i start entertaining him he's fine but i can't do this 24/7. Also whenever I have visitors he's a little sweetie so no-one really believes me - i know his teeth are causing him a lot of probs but i just need to be able to drink a cuppa in peace, or finish one of my meals without giving myself tummyache from rushing to finish.

I do take him out for a walk everyday if possible but thats about it, i don't have use of the car during the week that often as hubby uses if for work and buses are rubbish. I also don't really have any close friends and none with children so i feel quite lonely, I'd love to have other mummy friends to meet for a coffee or to go for a wonder around town with.

I just feel like im with Charlie 24/7 and spend the main part of my week sat on the sofa holding him - it's really getting me down!

thanks for listening.xxx


  • Hi hun I do know the feeling sometimes, Gabe was very good at entertaining himself at Charlie's age but now he's older he actually pulls at your legs and whines to get some attention. I think getting out is definitely the answer, it breaks the days up a bit. If Charlie is OK in his pram for a walk you really should come to the bham meet on Friday, I know it can be daunting but I'd help you out! xxx
  • aww thanks hun.xx i can't make it this fri but perhaps i'll brave it next time.xx
  • Ah thats ok! Whenever you feel ready is best. You're definitely not the only one though, having a baby is really hard work...does your mum live close & could have him for a bit?
  • Are there any mother & baby groups near you you could take him to? I've been to one twice now and Charlotte is 13 months! I really enjoy it and so does Charlotte. It will get you with other mums so you can share your stories of woe and joy and Charlie can mingle with other lo's and enjoy himself. I wish I had gone to one much earlier now.
  • i do go to a baby group but the problem is its at the childrens centre where i work so many of the families that attend are ones that i support in my work.xx my mum has Charlie on a weds afternoon which gives me a chance to have some me time (going for a facial and a massage this week as i had some vouchers for xmas - so really excited about that!) just having an off day!
  • Oooh a facial & massage - now you are talking. have a lovely time xx
    And we all have off days. Part of being a mum. But those good days make up for it!
  • i've actually been on netmums and am meeting a mum on friday. I swear im not as sad and pathetic as i sound, lol!! Hubby only just passed his test before i had Charlie so i am really lost without the car, as town is about 1/2 hour away (or an hour on the bus!) He's finally asleep so im now going to have some me time! xx
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