Hi girls I really need some help.

Grant is very constipated right now and Its so bad that when he does manage a poo it's very much like clay and can actually come off the nappy without leaving a huge mark.

I have been trying tummy massage and water but the massage isn't making a blind bit of difference and he's not drinking any flippin water!

I have changed him on to hungry baby but he was fine on it. The only thing that I can think has caused it is he's weaning and not taking muh water even though I offer him it at every meal and his cup is always available through the day for little sips during playtimes.

He's stopped being able to self settle and what used to be a midnight dummy run is now a half hourly thing...he takes aaaaages to settle and is even refusing his milk. He makes very long and labourious groans and grunts and anything he does pass is very smelly so I know it's a few days old (tmi)

what else can I do???? I hate hearing him in pain he's so happy go lucky and it's just such a wee shame!!


  • Hi Princess87,

    You could maybe try diluting his milk feed a little (1 or 2 extra oz of water)? I know it's not recommended but I remember my midwife advising this for a short period when my LO was constipated as a newborn. Or you could see if he'll eat prune/apricot puree (very pureed) as that may help move his bowels x
  • Have you tried very diluted orange juice? He might prefer the taste rather than water?

    When my LO first weaned we had this probelm until her tummy got used to it. I watered down her milk and that helped, only a scoop less per bottle but it loosened everything up so to speak.

    I've heard prune juice is another good one again diluted to help them go.
  • i give toby organix apple and pear puree with his ready break in the morning and it works a treat - he is 7 months and feeds himself so not exactly sure how much goes in but def enough to help. Cut out bananas and weetabix also - prune puree - orange juice diluted 1:10 out in a bottle if he doesnt accept cups and that works also for us.

    Toby has actually been better since he has been weaned??!! the first 12 weeks he was on lactulose twice a day x
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