Do they always gag?

When babies first try finger foods or lumpy foods, do they always gag?
Is it normal? I have a bit of a phobia about choking and so everytime LO gags a bit my heart stops!
I did a first aid course so I think I'd know what to do if it was serious, but I think I need to know its very common, its normal and he'll be OK!


  • hey anatoriac, glad you have asked, this is a question i was thinking of asking ask my lo seems to do it with the slightist of lumps!! will they eventually learn to eat it? i dare not give her certain things as she gags with it eg. weetabix, even really milky (think its cos it has slight bits in)
    Caz x x
  • yep they do gag... they just have to get used to it!!! i'm still on very smooth stuff and even then fin retches and gags...

  • Awww poor thing I guess they've only ever had milk so they have to get used to not swallowing everything straight away! It's quite woorying, though.
  • i'm dreading when i have to start doing it more lumpy or when they start having toast or something..... being a mum is non stop worry?! x
  • All babies gag, its a natural reflex. As they learn to tongue roll and mush the food with their gums/teeth it does get better. My LO is 10 months old and still occasionally gags; mainly on banana cos he gets excited and shoves too much in!
  • Oh god yesterday i gave max a slice of banana. i held it in my fingers and let him suck at it (i tried giving it to him but it ended up down his sleeve!!) but it was so slippery he sucked it and the whole thing went right in his gob!! image image
    I shoved my finger in there and fished it out again he probably would have been ok this weaning lark is gonna give me a heart attack...
  • i was giving shannon a jar of the mums own recipe (cauliflower & broccolli cheese) today and she even managed to gag on that. only once but it was like she was choking on it. she then was sick with it. i know what ya mean think my heart stopped.....
    Caz x x
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