mobiles at nursery??!!

thinking of my previous post about mobile phones I recieved a newsletter from Shea's nursery the other day saying that mobile phones aren't allowed in the nursery rooms so if your child has a mobile then please do not let them bring it to nursery!!

WTF??!! Are there honestly people out there that give 2/3/4 year olds mobile phones??!! I am presuming they sent out this note as they've had a problem with it. It just amazes me that children that young have a mobile??

Would you let your pre schooler have a mobile? or what age do you think its appropriate? My niece has just got her first at 14years. Shea used to be fascinated with mine and has his own toy one that came free with a mag but he wouldn't have a clue how to use a proper one, unless he called someone by fluke

pretty pointless post but had to share as its bemused me!!


  • heya
    I would not be allowing my lo to have a mobile at least until she is in secondary school. I would probably give her one at around 13 or 14 when she starts going out with her friends. Why on earth would a 3/4 year old need a mobile phone!!
  • you would be amazed to see how many kids have them at my boys school from age 6ip who do they call? what do they talk about? lol mine are def not having one until in teens at least!!!
  • you would be amazed to see how many kids have them at my boys school from age 6ip who do they call? what do they talk about? lol mine are def not having one until in teens at least!!!
  • I know a few toddlers who have their parents old mobile (broken ones) to play with which seems fine. But it sounds like they meant real mobiles? As far as I'm concerned you don't need a mobile until you're going out and about by yourself and need to keep in contact. Personally Amelia is not going on public transport without me until she's 13!! So that's my mobile age.

    Even at 13 I may have told her to use a pay phone but considering I tried to use one the other day when I couldn't get mobile signal and spent half an hour reading the instructions...and getting no where. I think a mobile might be in order.
  • read a couple of years ago that a parent had gven her 5 year old a mobile so she knew where he was. why would you not know where you 5 year old was!!!!
  • my LO has 2 although they are toy ones which he loves, i wouldnt however let my child have a real one until they we at secondary school, IMO thy shouldnt need one as you should know where your children are x
  • This really annoys me... I know so many primary school kids who have mobiles... and 12 year olds who have contracts and run up huge bills which their parents then pay for them! If you're that stupide then fair enough I suppose. I also know of a 7 year old who has a facebook page (having used a fake age) - what are the parents doing???? Probably enjoying the peace and quiet?
  • Why would such a young child need one? Saying tha though my 10yr old sister has one. It's my Mum's old one. She does a lot of sports clubs etc after school and it's to ring my Dad to pick her up if they get cancelled.
  • When my nephew was about 6 or 7 me and my sister did the race for life, my nephew stayed with my mum and his stepdad while we did the run. Anyway he managed to wander off and get lost. Luckily just before the race I had handed him my mobile phone to 'look after' for me while I ran. I finished the race before my sister, just after he had got lost, I found my mum and she told me what had happened and his stepdad was off looking for him (massive park, loads of people). So we borrowed a phone off someone and called my phone and luckily a marshal had found him and answered the phone and I was able to get to him and get him back before my sister finished the race.

    Because of this I got a cheap pay as you go phone and have just mine and hubby's number in it and whenever we go anywhere really busy where dd1 (5 yrs old) has the potential to get lost then I just put it in her pocket and she knows if she does get lost to find a policeman or a shopkeeper or someonr to help her call mummy or daddy. We don't of course just let her wander off, we do keep a close eye on her still but its just there as a failsafe.

    Saying that though I'm not sure when I'd let her have one for herself, probably when I let her go out on her own, so about 18 years old then :lol:
  • maybe when they actually can answer the phone or make calls or actually know they need to make a call may be appropriate, not age 2!! Bloody ridiculous!!!!

    Yes, my kids have an old handset that i dropped in the bath and doesnt work now in their toy box and they play with it sometimes, but ?????????????

    The world amazes me sometimes!! Mind you, i shouldnt be surprised when most 4 year olds have nintendo DS, 7 year olds have ipods and 11 year olds have lap tops!!!!

    Give me some dolls and my roller skates any day

    Gemm x
  • I have a girl in my class who has a mobile phone. She got it for her 5th birthday. In my friend's class she has some 6 and 7 year olds who have facebook pages and another friend has had a child in her class send her a message wanting to be friends on facebook. She has since altered her privacy settings. We did a big thing on it a few weeks ago in school trying to explain the dangers to children and parents. We also did a survey of all the children and it was scary how many had phones, used facebook etc.

    Lily has a toy phone she pulls along and that's all she's having until she's MUCH older!

  • On a slight tangent...

    I was on holiday with my husband a few years ago and we were in a resturant when a family (2 adults 4 kids) came in sat down and the kids each had a ds type thing and played with them throughout the entire meal! How are these kids ever going to learn any social skills like that? The parents had a lovley hassle free evening though!

    Kids shouldn't need a mobile untill they are allowed out alone. I'm a big believer that you need things to look forward to so mobile at 13, driving at 17 etc otherwise you have done it/ had all to soon and wheres the fun in that?

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