FAO Tiger Lily

Hiya hon!
Was going to email you but you've not got it switched on.
How are you coping with the PNI these days? Are things easier?

Hope you're ok.


  • Hiya!
    Thanks for thinking of me.
    I'm feeling a lot better and more confident these days. I wouldn't say I was 'recovered' but things are getting easier & I'm even thinking of having another (though OH would not be happy about that!).
    How are you hun...especially Ollie, hope he's been in the wars a bit less lately! x
  • Glad you're feeling like you can cope nowadays, it takes a lot to get to that point image
    Ollie is tons better now - wouldnt even know he'd been ill to look at him and is running me ragged (found out today he loves the beach boys and will dance for ages to their music! :lol: ) and eating me out of house and home, he's babbling away again and some of the noises sound like words, except mama and dada (which he's stopped saying a bit though) so hopefully it'll turn into talking soon. Just got to hope his ears clear so he can start talking or he'll be having an op roughly the week i'm due to have the section image

    So glad you're feeling better, and gabe is gorgeous! How slong do you think you'll be able to leave it before broodiness overtakes you and you start trying for 2...? :lol: ;\)

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