Switch from BM to FM? Any ideas?

As Kyra's gone 6 months I'd like to introduce formula. I've bought Apamil follow on as it's closest to breast milk. It was bloody expensive so don't want it to go to waste. She's having solids and breast milk. Trouble is she won't touch formula. She screams when I try and feed it to her. There isn't a problem with my supply, I'd just like to get her used to it to compliment BF and weaning. How do I get her to take it? She uses boots own wide neck bottles and size 1 teats. Thanks x x x


  • i would try a difrent teat size as size 1 is for newborns
  • I would try a bigger size teat, the no. 1 are really quite slow and meant for new borns so it could be that she's having to suck so hard to get a decent mouthful that she's getting frustrated! It that doesn't work you could always try putting it in a cup as she may not like the feel of the bottle teats having been used to yours!! image
  • like the other ladies have said try different teats, but also you have to bear in mind that formula tastes disgusting when compared to breastmilk which is naturally sweet.
    You might need to mix the two for a while, gradually increasing the amount of formula to make her take it properly.

    Does she need to have it in bottles, or could you give it to her in cups? if she hasnt had a bottle before you could be introducing a step that doesnt need to be introduced, and creating a problem later on when you need to get her off bottles....

    failing all that unless there is a real need to introduce formula could you not express a couple of feeds for her instead? if you can do that then think of the money you would save until she is 1 and can have cows milk..... image
  • Like the others - try different teats, size 3.
    Tommee Tippe CTN bottles are good (you will have to buy size 3 teats seperate as they only come with size 1)
    Apparently NUK bottles are supposed to be good too when combining/changing from bf to ff.
    Also like Mummy stephe said try it from a cup too. A good cup to start with is a Doidy cup as it's slanted so you don't have to tip it as much and lo can see the liquid. It is an open cup mind you and can get very messy (from personal experience)!
  • From what I read in the BF forum, I should use size 1 teats to prevent her getting lazy and not wanting to feed from the breast? I think Stephe is right, maybe I should go straight to beaker/cup. I think it is the taste though, as soon as it's on her tongue she spits it out and starts crying. I would like to get her used to formula now so she's no so dependent on me, ~I'll be starting uni soon. x x
  • Maybe you could mix half breast half formula then reduce the amount of breast milk so she gets used to the taste?
  • Do you put formula on her breakfast? If she had a taste of it in her food it may help??
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