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I am gatecrashing at the moment as I am still waiting for my firsat baby!

Just wondered if someone could help me out regarding contractions..

I have been having INTENSE braxton hicks, they are becoming quite regular. the pain that I am getting with them are all over my bump, accross the top and middle...could this be a contraction? or is the pain just under your bump with contractions?
It was a period type pain that seemed to get stronger and take my breath away then eased off...also having pain in my back...but again not just in my lower back it's from the middle downwards?



  • Hi,

    Are you timing them?

    Contractions will have a regular pattern and make you stop what you are doing...also nothing you do eg walking, sitting etc..will ease them

    BH tend to be a bit more irregular and usually you will be able to do something the relieve them for example changing position.

    From what I remember my contractions started in my back and worked round my bump, peaked and then calmed down again and eased off til the next.

    If you are at all concerned try timing them if they have a pattern ring the labour ward and get advise, if it is labour you will definately feel a change in intensity as it progresses and that is the time to get to hospital, it is much better to stay at home as long as you can manage.

    Good Luck x
  • hmm, if they're taking ur breath away then quite possibly could be something starting. all my contractions were in my back, but id do remember them keep asking if i was experiencing any pain at the top of the bump/abdomen, i assumed this wasn't a good thing. i agree with sazzle that they do sort of make u stop, even the light ones and u can't shift the uncomfortablnees at all. mine made me feel i was going hot as well with each one. i wld give ur labour ward a ring and tell them what u've told us and se what they say, they may get u in for a monitoring then send u back until u can't manange them anymore, but def give them a ring xx
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