Ear Wax

I have noticed the past few days that my DD has lots of ear wax in her ears and I was just wondering if there is anything that I can do to clear it and prevent it in the furture.

I know that you can't put cotton buds in the ears



  • oooh good question! DD is the same! some mornings she has a really big clump just sat in her ear. then the next morning it's back again! I don't stick anything in her ears to clear them and to be honest am kind of reassured that its not just her. Will be interested to hear if any other babies have this

  • Ohhh, me too...will be checking this for answers!
  • LOL glad its not just Niamh too!
  • Yep, my DS is the same, he quite often has big lumps in his ears. I clear what i can with my finger, which isnt alot obviously as his ears are alot smaller than my finger!!
  • Same here! DD always has lots, I can clean out most of it with my little finger (which she seems to have a bit of a fetish about :lolimage
    Be interesting to see what can be used, glad it's not just my baby with plenty though! x
  • Adam is the same!! When it gets close enough, I just flick it out with a cotton bud (but don't put the bud into his ear!)

  • I just tend to use a muslin over my finger - i just do it when she is feeding, its the only time she sits still! :lol:

  • uh oh, i cotton bud image(( bad mummy alert! I dont go far in, just scoop round where i can see! Is there any reason i shouldnt other than risk damaging her ear?
  • My LO's the same, but I have bought some cotton buds that have a a wide top bit to it and a small bit on the end so that i cant go right into the ear. x
  • My Lo is the same i just clear what i can with my finger
  • Ems - the only other thing is that you might accidentally push the wax further in.

    I just use the bud around the outer bit of the ear and never stick it into the little tunnel-y bit (ear canal??)

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