What would you do?

I was doing my nursing degree before i had Evie and have taken a year off. Hubby would like children close together and would like ttc next year, i always thought i would like a four year gap but now i have Evie i am happy to start ttc next summer. anyway i am now thinking should i go back in September to uni (i will have to start all over again) or shall i have my family and then go back. All opinions welcome thanks xxxx


  • Hi, I was doing my nursing before I had my eldest son who's now 5. I'd done 2years 7months of the 3 year course and was due to go back and finnish the last 5 months after i'd had him. I didn't go back though, due to PND and it's the biggest regret of my life! I'm now doing an access to midwifery course in the hope I get into uni for the 2010 intake. When I see my friends now that qualified when I should of, i'm gutted cuz I should be a nurse too, instead I just work as a phlebotomist at my local doctors surgery.
    It's completely up to you what you choose to do, I just wanted to tell you my story xx
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