Single Vaccines of MMR.

Hi ladies.

Just wondered if anyone at all had their LO's vaccinated seperatly or will be doing it?

I don't want people to get to feisty on here as I know the MMR is a controversial subject! But.......Kelsie is having them singularly with her first one on Jan 5th.

I just wanted to know how your LO reacted to it?

She is definatly having them done this way, and I dont want any nasty comments please, These are our wishes!




  • Millie had the triple jab and as far as I can remember she had absolutely no reaction to it at all. I think though, that the potential reactions to single jabs would be the same as for the triple as the active bit of the vaccine is the same, you would just get them at different times instead of potentially all at the same time, maybe have a look on the NHS direct website for the side effects?
    How many jabs does she have to have? Is it just one for each?
  • Yeah its just one for each....

    Measles then Rubella then Mumps.

    After she has had all 3 they then do a blood test to test for immunities to the vaccines and if she needs a 'top up' of anything. You dont have to have blood test, but we are instead of putting extra into her little system if she doesn't need it.

  • My friend from work has had both her kids vaccinated seperately and as far as I know they were both fine. THe only thing I know she did say was that her little lad was late having one of the vaccinations as they didn't have any of it in stock and they had to wait quite a while.
  • This is not a nasty comment but I thought I would let you know about this article I came accross

    It's totally up to you but the research linking the mmr to autism as been disproved.

  • my first had them individually (6 yrs ago - height of public scare!), and was no different to any other jab he's had. there was a massive delay with the mumps tho and he was nearly 2 1/2 by the time he got it.

    i think it is a very difficult decision to make full stop -regardless of the link to autism / chrons etc, but i dont think it matters how your child gets them- i do think that at least they are getting them.
  • ??90 each jab, ??50 "consultation" fee!!

    my second had the MMR, at 2, and Issy will have it then too!
  • As you know roch jayden had his all in one nearly a week ago and has been fine so far *fingers crossed* I have very mixed views on it and i think thats natural for any concerning mother, But I couldnt possible afford the kind of money your paying out plus all your travel etc like we worked out plus ull be doing the same for jack. I think it is down to individual preference and if money wasnt a worry then i may of had them seperate too x
  • Emma honey. The Measles is 90, Mumps is 165, Rubella is 90. Theres a one of consultation fee of 50. Blood test is 125 (which she'll have after all 3 have been done singuarly) Plus we have to travel to get them because we don't drive, and the place is quite far away from where we live. Travelling is going to cost 180. But we've got this doubled, as Jack will be done in this way as well when he's 14 months!

    We have to pay it ourself, but that isn't an issue to us.

  • Ollie had the triple one, so cant be much help I'm afraid.

    All I can say is it doesnt matter how they have them, its the getting them done that counts, especially as measles is about at the moment.

  • im going for the all in one as i did with the other two with out any problems.
    not sure how i would feel if charlie was my first through, the whole scare came about after my oldest had already had the jabs, and as he was fine i had the same done with my second x
  • Emilia had the all in one MMR jab a couple of weeks ago. The Autism etc concerns weren't at the forefront of my mind but she hasn't been good with any of her jabs so far and has always had some reaction. This time she has been not quite herself for a week. Screaming the night of the jabs, a temperature of 39.8 the following week, off her food, etc.

    She's unwell this week but we all are so i don't think it's to do with the jab and she's now teething as well so we have had a very unsettled few weeks.

    i was in two minds about all her jabs after some reading I did and also because of her reactions to them. It's a very personal and difficult decision and after each lot I wonder if i made the right one.

    I am 30 weeks with no. 2 and will give myself more time to consider things before going for any jabs and may consider putting off any jabs until she is six months and also going for single jabs for every set.
  • I hope she gets better soon honey!!

  • Hi

    My lo had single jabs as she is allergic to egg and NHS refused to give egg free - they suggested we give her MMR in A and E in case she stopped breathing; obviously not a risk we were willing to take.

    She had no reaction to the egg free measles or rubella; we did not have to pay as much as you so it may be worth shopping around.

    She will have the pre school MMR booster as her allergies are now resolving and i think her system will be better able to cope at this age.

  • We were torn between this decision too. Kade is 15 months now and we keep getting reminders through but have decided to wait till after xmas.
    I think if you can afford it, singles is a good option even if the link hasn't been proven at least it puts your mind at rest and it doesn't feel as though your bombarding their little systems with it all at once.

    We had pretty much decided to go for the all in one but after reading SMJ44's reply, I'm seriously reconsidering!!! Kade has a severe allergy to egg too so am no way taking any risks!!! Will speak to hv but am really pissed they haven't mentioned this to us as they know he is allergic :x

  • hi there i been over in toddler a lot as Abby is now 14 mths.. i have posted a few times on this subject and i feel very strongly that the problems caused are because babies are getting too much all together too soon... i feel that the mmr follows too quickly after the 12 month jabs so have decided Abby wont get her mmr till the end of jan when she will be 16 months..this decicion isnt something i just decided from nowhere but with lots of reaserch and taking medical and homeopathic advice. my son is 11 and the mmr scandal and controvecy (sp)was at its height so when he had to have his jag i was very worried but i was lucky cos my gp at the time was fab and she gave me a copy of all the facts and figures (no google then god i so old lol)and when i read it all i thought the probs were caused by as i say too much too young and too close together and my gp also agreed but said cos its nhs i had to come to that decicion as she wasnt able to!! so i delayed the mmr
    so with Abby they have now introduced the pcv injection at the same time as the mmr so effectivly 4 jabs in 1 well i dis agree with this so at 13 mths Abby had the pcv and as i say get the mmr at 16 mths
    i also give Abby a homeopathic remidey called Thuja before and after any injections and what this does it significantly reduce sideaffects like high temp and sickness it does this by counteracting the affect the "carrier"fluid the live injection is given in .the injections have to be kept at an optimum temp which most gp's cant do because the refridgeration gets comprimised by opening the fridge door which happens regularly was discovered during the gulf war that the injections were making the soldiers sick and one of the many complex factor was the carrier fluid in injection so the homeopathic practitioners descovered Thuja was perfect for this
    hope i havent waffled too much but all i can say is so far Abby has had absolutely no reaction to any of her jabs and i put it down to the Thuja
    fea x
  • hm..thats interesting about the homeopathic stuff. Think a trip to my favourite health shop to investigate that is in order! Cole has his jabs coming up as he's 1 soon and I also don't like the idea of so many so close together so am tempted to delay the 13 month ones a bit. Mind you - he's 1 on monday and haven't had an appt through yet for any so god knows what the hv is doing!

    I did speak to my gp a while back about teh mmr cause it concerns me too, and I also talked about how it worried me how much stuff they put in little bodies and he said that lo's can be exposed to hundreds of different viruses etc a day and so in the grand scheme of things a few more doesn't make any difference. He was very nice and totally understood my concerns.

    There is a lot of info and links to articles on wikipedia for anyone interested in researching. As for the single injections, my work collegue had her kids ones done in liverpool and they were ??300 or so for the 3 vaccines. Course then its another ??300 when they get to pre-school vaccinationt ime too
  • I looked into the single vaccines as I would do anything to prevent Poppy from getting ill but I decided against the single vaccines because they aren't licensed for use in the UK. I read a report about a clinic (in Manchester) that was offering the single vaccines but that in one day 4 children who had the first single vaccine had a very bad reaction to it and got burn like marks on their bodies - the clinic was investigated and found to be not storing the vaccines correctly. The doctor who ran the surgery fled the country to avoid the possible lawsuit and there is nothing the parents can do!
    Having said all that, I'm not sure what to do when Poppy has to have her next lot as 10 days after having the combined jab, she actually came down with full blown measles and was ill for over a week.
    I think as long as your child is having the vaccine that's all that matters - you have to do what is best for you and your family.
  • Hello,

    For those who are having the single jabs, I just wondered how far in advance you booked them?Has anyone had them done in the Essex area?

  • tallkatie - some research was done years ago linking the introduction of the MMR vaccine to a rise in children with autism. There has since been research that has disproved this.

    SMJ44 - thats disgusting! I can see why you had them done seperately, how awful for them to expect you to ut your child at risk like that!

    Highlandfea - thats really interesting, thanks, i'll think about maybe delaying them nearer the time.

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