She did it!!!

Pretty pointless post really I am just excited!

Amber is just over 12 weeks and slept from 10pm till 6.30am!! She has never ever done it this before, super excited!! Hopefully repeat performance tonight as she went back to sleep at 6.40 till 10 (I meant to get up but fell back to sleep lol) so I go mega hours sleep and is now napping. Not sure what to do with all my energy as the hubby is away booooo!!:lol:

I bathed her at 9.30 quick feed and off she went. For some reason Amber thinks the evening till about 9.30 is playtime and is not happy unless she can look at everything/everyone and play with her toys, kicking and giggling, bless her!! Usually I am up with her at least once a night for a b'feed.

Hope mums n babies are well xxxx



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