help on food and weight loss

my baby is milk tolerance as the doctor thinks so at the moment he can not have things with dairy so any ideas what my son can have. i want to try him on different things and not just the same old stuff he is now 8 months old.

also can anyone give me quick fast top ideas on how to lose weight. i know eating healthie and exercise is good. i do try to exercise but new parents might know how i feel how hard that can be and i do eat healthier know to help but its the same old boring stuff. can anyone help?


  • Hello,u could try cooking with soya products,there are wonderfull yuoghurts,creams,puddings,sour creams etc available just be carefull as 1 in 3 babies with milk protein allergy are also allergic to soya.U just have to try and see.Tesco sells even dairy free chocolate and it is yummy.Then eggs,hoummous,peanut butter,Pure spread,rice milk.wheat milk,even mayo is milk free.U can do caseerolles with meat and vegetables,quick frittatas,bolognese,fish fingers,anything really.U can find lot of recipes on the net or get a book if you google allergy cookbooks something is sure to come up.As for the other question,lol,I am not the 1 to advise,as lot of extra weight here!!!!!!!!!!
  • no idea about the food but i do sit ups every night! x
  • cant seem to do sit ups as my legs etc just go not a big big girl just this baby weight i need to get rid off. bottom bit of tummy. thanks goes. yea i tried him with bolognese today with potatoes and he loved it.
  • Did you get given a leaflet with postnatal tummy exercises? I did and was back in my size 8's in two weeks!! one of them is you lay on your side and tighten your abdominal muscles whilst breathing in, hold for 10 secs, then breathe out and rest for 10 secs. repeat this 10 times. I usually did it 2-3 times a day and theres lots more! maybe 'google' postnatal tummy exercises? And during the week I am pretty good with food, Wholemeal cous cous and rice noodles are both low fat and very filling... And lots of fish and veg xx
  • I have cut down on my portion sizes, used to match oh before. At first I still felt hingry after but now I'm used to it and couldnt eat more if I wanted too. I've also cut out snacks, so have 3 meals a day but nothing more.

    Good Luck.
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