Hi ladies my weaning book says now that alyssa is 6 and a bit months she should be having protein at lunch time and a vegetarian dinner in the evening because it takes longer for them to diegest the protein, but i know other mums at my baby groups who give meat at dinner time? just wondering what do you all do?

Thanks x


  • Hey there, I've always given my little man meat at lunch times because of the reason you mentioned, I always think meat is a bit heavy on their little tummy's at tea time. However, like you said also, I have friends who give meat at tea and are fine!

    Hope this helps!!! This weaning malarky is a mine field!! xxx
  • I never knew that. I haven't started weaning ds2 yet but I think ds1 had meat for tea and he was always fine with it.
  • vegetarian tea should have protein in too!!!

    perhaps just a lighter tea, ie smaller portion or at least an hr before bed...?
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