favourite xmas film?

Well im sat down watching santa who while tegan is having her afternoon nap and was wondering what your favourite xmas film was?
I love the santa clause films with tim allen in but dont really have a fav as i like any film to do with christmas, im just a big kid haha xxxx


  • Oooh good one-like the grinch, love all the santa clause movies, miracle on 34th street (original or new) is good too. Don't really know anyomre so will be looking for ideas! x
  • Yes I love any Christmas themed film.
    Has anyone seen Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton? That's one funny film - not really one for the kids but it's up there with my fave xmas films!
  • theres quite a few i like 2 including miracle on 34th street and the tim allen ones but id probably have 21 say the snowman,it really gets me in the festive mood!!
  • i love the muppets christmas carol!!

    becs xx
  • i love every xmas film but for my favs would be all 3 santa clause ones with tim allen i have them all on dvd and i can go a year with out watching the snowman.

  • i love the santa clause, not the tim allen films the old one, it reminds me of when i was little. x
  • I like The Grinch with Jim Carrey in it. The Santa Clause is good too.
    The first two Home Alone films make me laugh too - especially the 2nd one where the 2 thieves break into the house in New york and get beaten up by the various booby traps.
    I wrapped up all the Xmas pressies I've bought so far yesterday. Had a lil' tear in my eye when wrapped lo's up!
  • Got to be It's A Wonderful Life for me to, love that film !
  • Home Alone and A Christmas Carol (any version) x x x x
  • oh i love miracle on 34th street and the home alone ones...the first few with the same little boy in it, the ones after that with a different child in it just wasnt the same.

    Apparently theres meant to be a santa clause 4 out this month... but havnt seen it advertised anywhere so i dont know how true that is. But i really want it if there is one lol

  • It has to be Santa Claus The Movie, and The Grinch!
  • Has to be Miracle on 34th Street x
  • Mine would have to be ELF and Muppets Christmas Carol. Although i do also love Home Alone and the Santa Clause Films, infact anything Christmas related lol! x


  • i love home alone x
  • Would I be a scrooge in saying Roald Dahls 'the witches' lol

  • Oooh where to start- I love Elf it always makes me smile, Miracle on 34th st, Santa clause the movie, Fred Clause (love vince vaughn) Love actually is quite christmassy, I just love christmas...

    'the best way to spread xmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear' Elf :lol: my oh doesnt share my enthusiasm!
  • i love the muppets christmas carol!!

    becs xx
    Me too!!! Watch it every christmas eve! "after all its only 1 more sleep til chrismas..."
  • oohhh, miracle on 34th, the santa clause, santa clause the movie, i love em all!
    the older kids will be wincing soon as ill have the xmas cd on all day long,lol
    i cant wait! how many more sleeps left?
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