viral rashes?

My lo has got a stinking first cold and i`ve already taken her to the docs this week who swabbed her eyes to check for conjunctivitus cos they were leaking green gunge and really red. I`ve still not had the results back but wasn`t too bothered because last night she seemed to be a lot perkier. She also actually slept through last night as well which is the first time in about a week.
But this morning she has woken up looking full of it again. OH said that her eyes were looking really bad and on closer inspection, she has a rash all over them and the bridge of her nose I then checked the rest of her body and she has it all over her tummy and back. I`ve booked an emergency app. at the docs for 10.30 but was wondering if anyone has had this problem? I`m getting myself worked up about this rash now and keep thinking the worst

Well I`ve come back from the docs with antibiotics for her because she has got conjuctivitus. My doctor told me this although the results STILL aren`t back fromt the hospital which they sent there on Monday. Why are doctors surgeries SH*T?! They never help when you need them! She also said that the rash is viral, that it would go by itself in a few days when she`s feeling a bit better and that it`s still safe for us to fly to the canaries on Sunday and that just to rub some Karvol vaporub on her chest before the flight to aid breathing and to stop congestion. So that`s it - panic over now!!

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  • Hi,
    Have no advice I just didn't want to r&r. Doctors will help but if you want to double check you could call NHS direct they might be able to help? Let us know how she is, sending hugs x
  • Hi, she probably has a viral rash which is doing the rounds accompanied by a cold and gungey eyes as all 3 of mine have had this, try the glass test or if not that try touching it if it dissappears its ok but try not to worry, your doing the best thing in taking her to the docs.
    vikki xx
  • my lo has the snuffles, gungy eyes, an ear infection and hes teethin bless him, hes only 11 weeks old!! so i fully sympathise!!

    have a lovelly holiday x

    ps, tesco do a fab vapo rub called snuffle baby
  • Glad you know whats what now and she's ok. Have a lovely holiday-all that warm and sunshine! x
    P.S Emily B that vapo rub sounds great will be getting that next time! Thanks x
  • Poor little thing,

    Louise gets viral rashes far too often! BUT - the doctor explained that it's a sign her body is fighting an infection so it's just showing her body is doing what it should be,

    Hope shes better soon and have a lovely holiday,

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