Introduction to the cot....

Introduced Lo to her cot today, proud mummy moment she was very good!!! We have a Tiny Love mobile which dh got working and she just lay there for ages watching and listening to the music.... I didn't think her first experience of it should be the time when we expect her to sleep there so thought it would be wise to let her lie whilst she doesn't need to sleep in there and she stayed there for a good 90 mins, she even had a little snooze!

Should I keep doing this everyday so that she sees its a nice place to go, how do I stop her from getting bored as I don't want her to think she comes out cause she starts crying due to boredom


  • We did this from when Zacky was born so that he could get used to his room and his cot, even though he slept in a moses basket in our room til he was 7 months.

    Have a great video of him dancing to his mobile music while lying in his cot when he was about 8 weeks old on my mobile phone. So sweet to watch.
  • I would just get her out before she gets bored! You can generally see the signs before they start to cry through boredom.

    Yeah I know, but then how do I increase the length of time shes in there if I'm anticipating boredom?

  • At night time she will know its time to sleep just like she does when she is in her moses basket, and to start with you would put her in her moses basket in her cot to get her use to actually sleeping in a new room xx

    Thanks, sorry was being dizzy!! Ok makes sense now, except she is sleeping in a cradle in our room and may not fit in the moses basket by the time she is ready to sleep in there
  • I moved Lillith to her cot last week-she had never slept in the other room and she went straight in. I had thought about putting the carry cot in there but thought I'd give it a go-no problems!

    Hope it goes well!! xx
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