Another second baby question!

This is my second pregnancy and I've found it physically so much harder than my first. This time round I've felt about 2 months further ahead than I really am at every stage of the pregnancy, and now at 34 weeks I absolutely can't believe my body will put up with this for another 6 weeks! I feel like I did two days before Lily arrived - ready to burst, aching lots in my lady bits and round my bump, and soooo heavy. I can't shake the hope that this baby will be early (though not THIS early.... maybe another 4 weeks.... don't want much, do I :lol: )

Did you find your second pregnancies were harder, particularly at the end? Did you have the constant feeling that you were ready to pop at a much earlier stage?


  • aaw poor you ptb. i didnt find it hard with Ruby to the same degree, but i didnt have spd so i suspect that plays a huge part in the way you're feeling as well as feeling ready to pop. coupled with the fact you have dd to look after this time round too!
    I was convinced i would have Ruby early as i had milly 9 days early, so i thought ruby would arrive any time 38 weeks ish so i cannot explain how much that last 2 weeks dragged and how much pineapple/bouncing/walking/sex etc went on in that time! So while i hope for your comfort and sanity that baba comes along before you end up in agony etc, just be prepared mate incase you end up 40 weeks plus!
    You wont have the time to rest etc like you did last time either so it will be more tiring for you and baby might be bigger too plus muscles not so good. lots of little things prob adding up eh.
    anyway, take care of yourself and i'll see you next week x
  • Hey PTB i have a DD of 2 1/2 and have just had my second baby 5 days ago as i feel with you all the way. Although i wasnt big with any of my 2 this time round was alot more difficult for me i was extremley exhausted all the time and just generally felt quite shite most of the time. I did however still go 1 week overdue (8 days with first so slightly shorter) but had a fantastic second labour that didnt last that long. Try and rest up as much as you can with a toddler xx
  • i found my first 2 actually quite easy but i reckon its because i had age on my side and had far more energy (i was 17 with first, 19 with second), my third was a kick in the teeth with all the aches and pains and problems, i was 25, and this time with number 4 its really dragging, really painful, i feel drained all the time and i still have just under 10 wks left, but my youngest has just turned 2 so that adds to the strain, come 6pm i feel like an 80 yr old woman!!!

    i am too holding on to the hope that madam arrives early, my first came at 36+4, my second came at 38+4 and my youngest arrived bright and early at 35 wks, the midwifes have forecast another premmie baby which is why i've had to have growth scans etc, (i am hoping they are right as i've already had enough)

    30+3 wks xxxxx
  • my second prenancy was much much harder but i had twins,so i was bigger than a house,i had spd and was on crutches i could hardly walk and that was from abour 28wk,they came at 31wksi was pleased in one way so i could get to moving again but i do wish they could have waited a bit longer :lol:
  • I was far more physically drained with my second pregnancy. I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd (i have a 3yo and 18 month old) and i've never felt this drained in all of my life. I felt like my little one has been ready to come for weeks now and it's getting to the point were it's driving me mad thinking every twinge is things starting off! Don't worry we'll both get there eventually x
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