What was your best gift after having LO?

My thread on gifts for a new mum and piggypops thread on a baby hamper got me thinking. What was the best gift you got after having LO?

Mine was either my babybloom bouquet (flowers made out of baby clothes) or my badedas bubble bath (was bliss having a bath in this after stiches)


  • Agree with baby bloom bouquet, very handy in the early days! Also for me it was spa vouchers (just went yesterday and it was total bliss!)
  • Without a single doubt - about half an hour in which to take a bath all by myself image
  • My widgey breastfeeding pillow - I used it for every feed in the early days and still quite often use it now. I have just bought myself some baby bundlers from John Lewis and will be buying them for my pregnant friends when they have their babies. They're like a vest on top with just a long nightie type bottom with elastic at the bottom, soooo much easier for night-time changing than sleepsuits full of poppers.
  • dinner!! A meal bought to us and plated up, and baby held whilst it was gobbled down.... bliss!

    Em x
  • We got SO many gorgeous and thoughful gifts when Maya was born nearly 7 weeks ago - I was overwhelmed image

    Some of my favourites were:

    - A goodie bag full of products recommended by other mummies - my lovely friend had quizzed colleagues / family about early days with a baby - nipple cream, colic drops etc. Things I never really realised I'd need but then REALLY needed....

    - A basket from the Beverley Hills Bakery - lots of muffins, cakes and cookies for us and all the visitors. I froze them all and defrosted a little batch each day. Hubby and I ate most of them image

    - One or two adorable, brightly-coloured newborn outfits. Maya was given the most fantastic clothes; most people played safe with bigger sizes. Definitely more practical, but it was lovely to have one or two really lovely, soft and comfy things to put her in straight away. And great to have some non-pale pink. Although she was big(ish) at birth (5lb 6oz) they lasted 5-6 weeks....

    - A 'coverlet' from Mamas & Papas - basically a little quilted playmat which we carry about with us folded in M's pram (she lies on it). I whip it out and bung it down on grass, carpets, wood floors etc and once it's dribbled or sicked on, I chuck it in the wash: http://www.mamasandpapas.com/product-mini-coverlet-girls-made-with-love/705702000/type-i/

    - A 'Snuggle Wrap' from Pumpkin Patch - thin and stretchy so perfect for swaddling in the summer - we got a rabbit and lamb one, but they have a butterfly design out now: ttp://www.pumpkinpatch.co.uk/flatshot/519038/col/CONFETTI/listing/40934/categorypath/baby/baby-girl/category/accessories/

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  • I got a flower stork bouguet too which I loved as well as loads of clothes, hand knitted blankets etc.
    Having said that for friends that are having babies now I'm going to get them a Sophie the Giraffe - not suitable for a few months but LO absolutely loves his now and had it all the time, we bought ours as a friend had one but I think they're amazing!
  • The best gift I got was a clock with lo name, dob, time of birth & weight on it, it was handmade. I just love it cause it was so unique. Everyone bought us clothes, toys, blankets & tbh when I have those things out I never remember who bought what. But the clock I will always remember who bought it!

    For me my oh bought me spa vouchers which I loved!

    Jayne xx
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