baby carriage that goes on the back of cycle?

Hi ladies

We are taking Maiya on holiday to the New Forest in March (she will be 7 months). We like to cycle and are thinking about getting one of those carriages that are covered that you pull along behind. we will not be on the road - just on cycle paths in the woods. Has anyone used one/got one? not sure what I need to get!!

thanks image


  • Haven't used one personally but have seen them loads in Centre Parcs.

    Best place I think would be Halfords for advice as I know they sell them and they're really good in there for letting you know pros and cons as well as everything you would need!

    Have funxx
  • We havent got a carriage thing but we did get a child seat for the back of the bike and my lo now 18 months loves it (got it when she was about 6months) i would def recommend one of these they are also on ebay and come with a bracket to fix to the bike and are very sturdy and safe )unless you fall off lol) xx
  • thanks ladies. better head to halfords at the weekend!!

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