Moses basket!

Strange question but where in your bedroom do you keep the moses basket, I can't decide weather to have it up against the wall, next to my side of bed or at foot of the bed! Just wondered where you kept yours!



  • with ds1 it was next to the bed, but ds2 was slightly further away against the wall.

    Neither was better than the other apart from I could touch ds1 and check he was breathing!

  • Dylans basket was at my hubbys side of the bed as he slept away from the window and due to strong medication I was taking he was more likely to wake.

    How you feeling hun? All us Nov mummies cant wait for your ba


  • I had Toby's right up to my side of the bed - that way I could reach out and reassure him without getting out of bed. I was BFing so it was also really easy to just pull him into bed with me for a feed and then replace him without me actually having to get up - lazy mummy!!
  • I had Benjamin's generally at the side of my bed when he was first born for ease, then moved it to the foot of the bed after a week or so as he was so noisy, then moved him to his own room at 3 weeks as he was such a noisy sleeper that I was waking up constantly when he was still flat out! x
  • with ds i had him right up against my side of the bed, and iwll do the same with this one too xx
  • With my DS, I had his basket right up to my side of the bed. When we first put it in our room, we had it at the foot of the bed, but I wanted him closer to me so I could reach out and touch him.
    Although, now in the new house, the bedroom is smaller, so I will struggle to fit it down my side, I will find a way to have Baby close as possible to me! xx
  • OUrs was beside bed mostly cause I am lazy and didn't actually need to get up to get lo out of it that way x
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