i having a lot of probs with my daughter erica, who is nearly 8 months.

i recently posted saying how she wasnt sleepin properly and stuff and how she cryed every time i left the room.

well, the last few days, she has completely gone off her food, we moved her onto second stage food a few weeks ago, but now she will only eat puree again. and even then, she doesnt want it. the only thing we can get her to eat is petits filous!!
shes also been sick a few times, when she gets hysterically crying and even when shes calm.

another t5hing is, at night she sounds quite mucusy and has trouble clearing the mucus from the back of her nose.

she recently cut her first tooth, and has been biting on stuff madly even since!

shes not got a temp or anything so shes not ill.

is this just bad teething causing it all???

please help!! im desperate!!

grace x


  • my lo has been similar (he's nearly 7 months). Very clingy, off his food, poorly, and teething. And he's been unsettled in the night for a month or so! Usually he just cries and wants to be in my bed but last night he wanted a bottle & never usually does at night. No advice sorry but I feel I've taken 10 steps back as he slept through from a very early age. GL x
  • ooh im not looking forward to millie when her teeth come through!! her teeth r hurting her now and shes only 13 weeks sometimes she refuses her milk when they hurt bad i hope they come soon!
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