Any tips for thrush?

Oscar seems to have thrush (based on a phone consultation with an out of hours gp). He has a steroid cream for it which we've been using for over a day now. It seemed to be helping but at his last nappy change his poor little bum was bleeding it's so sore. He's been having lots of nappy free time to try and clear it and he's been scratching his bum cheeks which are all scarred now so he's basically in a right state and is screaming his way through nappy changes - even screaming at the sight of the change mat. Anyone got any tips to help us? Hubby's still living away so I've got no-one to help me through the continual screaming/calming down process


  • Oh God you poor thing that sounds awful. Sorry I don't have any advice but didn't want to R&R!

    You've probably already thought about Calpol when he's really sore - can't think of anything else image
  • Oh, you poor, poor thing! It is so hard, isn't it?

    As much nappy off time as you can is the best advice I have. And stick to warm water and cotton wool to clean him, as the chemicals in wipes will sting where he is raw. It can take up to a week to clear, even with steroid creams and it is so, so hard while it lasts but it will get better.

    Are you taking anything for it at the moment? If not and you are breastfeeding, you really need to get some medication for yourself as otherwise you will just pass it back to him.

    Good luck and I hope he gets better very, very soon.
  • Thanks charlotte, I hadn't thought of calpol but some did help.

    THG, I'm not breastfeeding fortunately! Didn't know it took a week or so to clear, fun times to come then! Thanks xx
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