whats everyone doing today

i have docs (exciting huh) lol n then park i think n then work :\(


  • we was going to go to Stay & Play but Tyler is so whingy after his jabs yesterday that I think we'll give it a miss.

    Have a nice day everyone! xx
  • taking jack to enroll for nursery today :cry: when he decides to wake from his nap. Might pop to my friends for a brew as her lil boy is finally home after a major heart operation to fix all the vavles in his heart. Im trying to make the most of being at home for the next 2weeks spending lots of quality mummy time with my boy
  • Highlight of my day will be going out later for bread and milk :roll:

    Ah the exciting life of a skint family 4 days before payday :lol:
  • jemmajem i know how u feel hence the park ha cheap (costs nowt) n fun (well for the kids) but thats providing i can prise robbie my eldest from his room lol, xbox is more important you know lol
  • I'm taking Bella to the doctors to demand some decent thrush cream! She keeps getting it and he gives her cream but not me, so as soon as her cream is finished she gets it straight back again!!! Then its operation clean up, as my house is a tip!!! Fun fun fun lol xxx
  • Waiting for the courier to arrive with my wedding dress, then when it comes off to the park with Rachel to celebrate. After that, packing to go to the seaside with Rachel and my dad for a few days tomorrow!

    Hannah xx
  • Waiting for Mr Tesco to arrive, then I need to go to butchers and green grocers. MrsGladwin just text me to see what am up today, have replied but no reply yet so we will probably meet up today- think she is itching to see some more wedding pics!lol

    Sun is out so think a day in the garden is in order-espcially as tomorrow is supposed to be wet and windy!lol Hope you all fun!xx
  • I Have cleaned my house and pegged the washing out then going to my mums to dye her hair as the hairdresser is comming round tomorrow to cut it and Leo's hair, then come home tidy up and make tea, then bath pj's and bed for the kids.
    vikki xx
  • decided to get eldest school uniform today there goes the money i didnt really have lol
  • Off to mum and baby group (where we are getting a door bouncer to borrow :\)) then to the supermarket for a mass shop in preparation for baking day tomorrow, plus fruit for breakfast. I think Peter is getting a bit bored of banana and greengages.
  • We are going out for a long walk with Max on his trike and a picnic! image
  • Tracie I would go to the park but it's about to pee it down here, and it's a 12 mile round trip with petrol I don't really have. Fun fun times lol
  • Me and Paul are on annual leave this week so we gonna get the house all clean and decluttered whilst looking after Erin as she is still poorly and clingy a lot of the time, although this morning she is certainy making up for lost sleep!! bless her xx
  • I'm at work image Its lovely and sunny, I wish I was at home to take my lo tot he park or the beach. Oh well it'll soon be friday image
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