Anyone else finding CBB boring?

Really thought Celebrity Big Brother was going to be a good one this year but it's not holding my attention at all so far! No ones controversial enough.
Without Coolio it'd be pretty damn boring imo.

Good job I've got BE to keep me occupied :lol:


  • Yea i agree, usually i'm hooked but this year.... not so much. They need to put someone else in there although s'pose its a bit late now. Am so sick of listening to them all bitching about being in there and only doing it for the money, hardly great entertainment. And Michelle and the crying thing - grrrrrrr, such a baby!!!!
  • Couldn't agree more I know when it isn't that good when I'm not fussed if I miss it or tape it and then don't watch and delete it!
    Lovin' 'Unforgiven' on ITV1 now-way better! Thank Crunchie for BE !x
  • same here girls! Wish Michelle would just leave if she is that unhappy!!!! Your right without Coolio it would be even worse! xxx
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