Lukes Christening - at long last!

I am over the moon this afternoon, this Sunday the 21st is my Mum & Dads 40th wedding anniversary and we are combining it with Luke, I always wanted him christened but the vicar was only able to do a blessing as she needed horrible hubby's permission. He did agree to a christening then withdraw it again.

Finally this week after getting my solicitors involved and today got the written confirmation from his Solicitor that Lukes Christening can now go ahead on Sunday. This is miles better than a blessing.

At least he has actually given me something I wanted omg, so now Luke willl be christened in a family christening gown that my mum wore nearly 65 years ago and it has come doen the line and I wore it as well so did my cousins so really looking forward to Sunday now especially as my Mum & Dad are renewing their wedding vows at the same time.


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