sleeping newborn

hello, just wondering, i know that newborns sleep most of the day but the last few days mine has been awake for up to six hours at a time and i run out of things that i think could be the problem with her, she is fed, clean, comforted and to me it looks like she fights going to sleep.
my MIL mentioned keeping her awake at feed times, her last feed i did this she managed an hour as i joined her on the play mat but now after her next feed she has fallen asleep after it and i have no chance of waking her to make her sleep later, anyone got any ideas? or should i just let her sleep and when she is awake for 5 to 6 hours just cope with it


  • I never had this problem with DS. But in the early days I was very much baby led. So I let lo eat, sleep etc when he wanted to.

    She might be trying to get herself into a routine, some babies do this themselves.

    Just look out for any sleepy signs, and maybe go for a walk or a drive. At her age getting her off to sleep like that won't get her into 'bad' habits. xx
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