Self Burping


How old are babies when they can burp themselves? I'm just asking cos on matthew last feed, he wakes up when i burp him and i was just wondering if it would be fine to not wind him. He is 17 weeks.

I know you dont need to burp them when you give them a solid food.

Any advice? xx


  • Morgana started winding herself at about 6 months I think, one day she just burped before we could even wind her image
  • I think it was around 6 months with Kara 2. After feeding her I just sit her up and she burps straight away. It is great.
  • I've found with breast feeding it works well to just sit Charlotte (5 months) up afterwards and let the milk displace the air naturally. Quite often she burps if she needs to. If I try to wind her she ends up being sick half the milk she's just eaten. This way keeps it down.
  • evie started at around 5month xx
  • Kian was about 4-5 months. That seems early compared to everyone else, but when I winded him myself he brought a lot of it back up. So at about 4 and a half months I sat him up after feed and he burped himself within half an hour or so, and didn't bring any up. So that worked out for the best! xx image
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