grunting baby

does anyone else have this problem?

LO is 7 weeks old and grunts in her sleep, not all the time it tends to be after her feed during the night. I make sure I wind her during and after her feed but nothing seems to work. I spents 2 hours last night winding her, she finally came into bed with me and it stopped. Beginning to think it not wind but don't know I am totally at a loss as to the reason why. Will it ever stopped?

please help

Kelly x


  • My lo used to grunt a lot when he was that age and it was mainly at night after a feed, when you're trying to get back to sleep! He did suffer with wind problems so I think it was all related, but it didn't seem to bother him at this point. She might have stopped when you put her in bed with you because her head was slightly raised or something, maybe try raising the head of her moses basket/crib? We did this with lo and it helped a little, but in the end we put him in his own room! x
  • thanks for the reply, she is windy but she normally cries when she has wind and she not crying. Keep reading on the internet it is normal, but at 3am all reason and been rational goes out the window.

    Kelly x
    ps. your baby is so cute!
  • My 3 week old is doing this over the last 3 days, we are calling the poor soul Peppa Pig now coz thats what is sounds like. I think he has a little cold and although he has no signs like a runny nose, i think he is just blocked up. We are finding its bad in the night as it gets worse when he is lying on his back, and he slept on my chest the other night while i sat up in bed (great sleep).

    His wind is worse as he cant seem to breathe out his nose so he is gulping air when feeding. We have got saline drops but i dont know if they are helping. Ive propped up his bed as well

    Hope it improves soon

    Gemm x
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