more fun. Superman, batman, or spiderman?

If you had to pick your oh or someone you liked to wear one of these outfits, which would it be?

i'd pick batman because the body looks sexy and the mask leaves more to the imagination. lol. (like i don't know whats under it anyway lol)

Which do you find sexier?

Lisa xxx


  • just realised spiderman has a mask too. Still prefer batman though. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Batman too!! Chances of getting Dave to dress up though are pretty slim!! Its ok for me to dress up in various outfits but if wont even wear a f***ing monkey pouch over his $%^& :lol: for Valentines Day!

    I sooooooooooo shouldn't be admitting to this!!

  • And Jenny..........keep it schtum missy :lol: :lol:

  • haha my oh is the same. He'll happily parade around the house naked but give him something that just covers his parts and i'm asking for the world. lol

    Bless em. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Yep, as will Dave! But you try getting anything else on him that isnt Levi Jeans and a T-shirt and he runs a mile! I have to dress up in ridiculous outifts cos 'its sexy' but he wont. Maybe I wont until he does!! Hahaha!!

  • thats what we should do. lol. Or at least say no bj's until he comes downstairs to hot choclates- you sexy thing and does us a sexy lap dance. lol

    I'm sure that will get them dressing. lol

    Lisa xxx
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