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i didn;t feed my baby today

Hiya sounds worse than it actually is lol

Lewis is 7 month old, on solids eating 3 meals a day, having rusks and juice and all the usual stuff!

i have been cutting down the breast feeding, but today i didn't feed him at all till bed time and even then he wasn't to interested!

what am wondering is, if he weans himself off the boob, do i have to start ging him formula milk?


  • i think you might have to, as they still need milk for calcium and cant have cows milk till theyre one. maybe he was just having an odd day and will want his feeds tomorrow as normal.

  • Yeah babies need there milk until they are at least a year, at 20oz a day. My lo only takes about 15oz a day tho normally her 7oz bottle in the morning and 7oz bottle at night. I've stopped making 7oz bottles for mid morning and lunch she now gets 4oz and if I'm lucky she'll have 2oz at the most
    Hope this helps
  • hiya annem! how old is your lo? he doesn't like milk out a cup, and i dont want to give him abottle, i feel like its completely defeating the purpose of breast feeding! maybe he was just having an off day, fingers crossed! i didn't know that they needed 20oz, but how do you know that there getting that when your breast feeding?
  • My lo is 8 months, she doesn't really like her milk its always been a stuggle for me to get her to drink it. I never breastfeed so didn't have the problem of not knowing what she was getting.
    My MW told me at her 6 month check that she still needed 20oz a day.
    My lo will drink juice from her cup but not milk, she just doesn't really like it.
    We do what we thinks best for our lo's dont we so you know your lo better than anyone, I would do what I felt was right by her. There is days she won't drink her milk at all I can't force her.

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  • hi ya not sure if this helps but im breast feeding and tyler is 8 months old normally has morning feed lunch and mid afternoon then at 7pm last feed but every now and then he refuses milk all together and will go a day or two with none but then goes back to it so when he has his off days i express and chuck it away just to keep the milk flowing as he wont take from bottle at all
  • hi mskene, isaac is 8 months and has days where he is just not interested in b/f but then he has other days where he feeds loads, i have no idea how much milk he gets but as he seems happy and healthy i dont worry too much about it. He has never taken to a bottle and wont drink milk from a cup either.

    i would think that if he weans himself off you then you would have to give him formula but dont worry about the 20oz as long as hes having yoghurts cheese and dairy products in his diet he will be getting enough.
  • Hi
    You could try and offer the breast before solids and before he has his juice or anything else.Have a look on the website as there is a similar question on the problem forum and the mums offer good advice they know more than me!!.
  • the 20oz can come from any dairy so try to give a couple of yogurts & cheese during the day & keep offering the breast.

    LO wont starve themselves so as long as they are getting the dairy somehow they should be ok.
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