Chickenpox ??? Advice please

After his nap this morning - DS had small red pimples all over his legs. They have now spread to his bum and the top of his arms.

Could this be chicken pox ? He is only 11 months. Any ideas what else it could be ?

He's fine in himself. He had a temperature and was out of sorts on Thursday (which I put down to cutting a new tooth) but has been fine since Friday morning - happy as larry today.


K x


  • Don't know if this helps hun....

    It's unusual for it to start on the limbs, and the spots are usually raised, before becoming blisters. xx
  • yeah like mithical said it usually starts on the torso and spreads from their. my dd1 had it last year, the spots started showing when we were on holiday and at first I thought it was a heat rash, I noticed a few spots when I was doing her bath in the evening then the next day she had a couple of dozen and then the next day she was completely covered (more than average, she had it quite bad) but it was 2-3 days before it really looked like proper chicken pox spots and about 5-7 days before they started to scab over.
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