Steriliser advice please

Hello there,

I'm thinking of getting this but wanted to check what you thought, as seasoned mums! I have a microwave but the idea of using milton also appeals due to it being low hassle - is this right, or is steam actually better?

I'm hoping to breastfeed but was thinking it'd be sensible to get a few bottles in, just in case and for expressed milk when baby's a few weeks old.

Thanks very much ladies!
(33 weeks)


  • Hi i had a look at it and the only down comments I could see was that it is big.

    Why don't you just buy a steam steraliser rather than one you have to put the microwave? I've had an avent one for 9 months now and as long as you descale them regularly with the stuff they are fine, all they take is a few drops of water and plug in for less than 10minutes.
    I can get 6 big bottles, dummies and spoons in mine in one go.

    there's a link to one here

    Also, my advice is to be aware that these freebie bottles are generally small 4 oz bottles and babies tend to get little guzzlers very quickley, my boy was only on 4 oz for a few weeks then went up to 5/6, now he's 9 months he's on 9oz so you need the big bottles cause the little ones just don't cut it for long
    happy pregnancy
  • Nope, the freebee bottles are 9oz! I have that steriliser and its good because its versitile and works in both microwave and with milton. If you were going to get tommee tippee bottles anyway I'd go for it.
  • i have that one! They were half price in most supermarkets when I was preggers so look out for offers - i got 2 priced ??9.99 each - it was cheaper than buying the bottles on their own! My mum has one round her house as a spare with a bottle and I have all the free bottles - i have only had to buy new teats as he gets older. The bottles and steraliser are great and easy to use!! image
  • Cool - thanks ladies! xx
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