How many ounces........

Hey girls, just wanted to pick some brains.

How many ounces do your lo's take a day cos i went to my hv yesterday and she said i should not give Ryan as much milk and start doing just more solids.

Ryan is 6 months and has been weaned since 31/2 months, loves his solid food, has finger food, etc.

But what she told me to reduce him down on to for milk i was a bit worried he wouldnt get enough.
He was having between 22 and 26 ounces a day.

This is what she suggest i do now, which suits me and Ryan, he still sleeping through and doesnt seem bothered, so what do u all think

Breakfast and bottle at 7am - about 2 ounces of milk with cereal and 4 ounces from the rest of the bottle.

snack at 11am - yogurt which aparantly has 3 ounces of milk in (this would normally havebeen when he would have taken about 6 or 7 ounces from the bottle she suggested i drop.

lunch at 1pm - finger food, yogurt, bannana, sandwich and juice

3pm - 5 ounces from his bottle

dinner at 5pm - equivilent to half a big stage 2 jar and half a jar for pud with juice

7pm - between 6 and 7 ounces frm bottle for bedtime

He then goes through till 7am next day with no problem.

Does this sound like a normal routine, how many ounces from each bottle do your lo's tend to take.

Would anyone like to share their routines with me so i can compare, lol

Sorry its a really long thread.


  • The suggestion your hv made sounds about right. Similar to what I did with my lo. A 6 month old needs about 20oz of milk a day (which can include dairy).
    Of course, he's your lo so you do what's best for him!
  • hi thanks for replying,

    so if he only ended up having about 15 ounces or something for the day, then i gave him say 2 yogurts that would make it up to something like 21oz then.

    I was thinking that the 20oz had to be just from the milk they drink, i didnt realise it could be from dairy as well.

  • Well you could add milk to his food. That's what I still have to do with Charlotte. She's never liked her milk, I really struggled somedays.
    I give Charlotte added dairy. I buy some yogurts from Tesco called My First Yogurt by Rachels Organic. It is wholemilk yogurt with added fruit puree. No added sugar like other fromage frais (although I do give her Petit Filous as well sometimes). You could give him some Dairylea (on toast or sarnies if he has any finger food). Just don't give too many cos of the salt content. Also bits of cheese is fine. And if you start to make your own cheese sauces use whole milk, that will add up to his daily allowance.
  • thanks girls, i feel much better now, its just you hear everywhere it should be 20oz a day but i think it does just depend on the baby doesnt it.
  • Sounds OK to me.

    Glad my HV doesnt ask what Zacky has though. Sometimes he still has between 4 and 5 8oz bottles (stage 2 formula) and 2-3 large meals and snacks. He wont drink anything but milk though, so if he cries for milk he gets it as he gets constipated really easily. He will cut the bottle when he needs to.

    Am due to see weening advisor at playgroup on Monday so will see if she has any suggestions.
  • Gabe's 8.5 months and at 6 months he had LOADS (28oz and that was just of milk, he had yogs too!)

    I tried dropping them and replacing with a snack but he wasnt having any of it, and like trueman's lo he got constipated.

    Now he's older, he's naturally reduced it himself and he has about 16oz, I'm not worried though as he seems fine in himself and has cereal with milk added etc! xx
  • jayden at 6 months had 7am cereal
    9am 3 oz bottle
    12 half a jar and yog
    3- 4-5oz bottle
    5 half a jar,pudding
    96 oz bottle and plus 2 or 3 bottle in the night of between 5oz-7oz each time!!!
    so arond 28oz hes 8 months now and has arond 15oz and yogs
  • thanks girls, my main worry is that i feel guilty because even though hv said to reduce it, i know that he will take it if i offer it, but is also just as happy with out it and will eat solid food.

    So i just feel what if im actually depriving him of it.
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