My baby is a dustbin - should i worry?

This kid is never full!

He's 10 months old and i'll give you an idea of the quantities he eats:

breakfast: 1 weetabix with raisins
lunch: 2 scrambled eggs with spinach and 1-2 slices of toast
dinner: large bowl of stew or risotto or pasta and cheese sauce or similar. Plus one whole banana, or stewed apple and natural yogurt. The other day he had 3 full fish fingers with mashed potato and veg! That would be enough for my dinner!

He also takes 3-4 breast feeds a day and quite often gets hungry before dinner time so will have a snack - banana, raisins, breadsticks or rice cakes.

Although it's all healthy stuff and homemade, I feel like that is an awful lot of food, and i'm terrified he's going to start getting fat! So far he's still pretty thin and he's very very active. He's 10 months, but still fits into some of his 6-9 months clothes.

Should i worry, or should i just enjoy the fact that he'll eat anything? He's certainly a pleasure to cook for!


  • Just let him get on with it hun. At that age Millie used to polish off two weetabix and a bannana every day for breakfast and she has never been above the 25th centile. Sounds like he is just an active little lad who needs lots of fuel to keep him going and you're giving him all the right stuff so he'll be fine.
  • His diet sounds nice & healthy to me so I wouldn't worry. If he's crawling or trying to walk by now he will need the calories as he'll be burning more off. I wish my 10 month old ate like that! She's only on 9th centile and eats small portions but going thru a bit of a mouth clamping stage at the mo.
  • Thanks!
    I wasn't too worried until my hubby commented on the amount of food i give him - he thought it seemed like too much. But as you say, i can't starve the wee fella. And he never stops moving, so i guess he does need a lot of fuel!
  • I wouldn't worry - some babies that age are still eating smooth jars and would no way eat scrambled egg on toast, so you've been lucky! My mates 1 year old is still on fruit and veg purees cos she has no teeth & shes scared of giving her too many diff foods.

    My lo is 6 months and he's not too big on food, so youre lucky, he sounds healthy! xx
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