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My oh was talking about the christmas work do he's got coming up and how the company are giving them booze money, and then about the neat christmas bonus he should be getting, and I said "mmmmmmmm, I wonder what my christmas bonus will be?" he laughed and said, you dont work... why would you get one! After years of work do's and xmas bonuses its all stopped. I am a full time mummy... No christmas parties and bonus for me this year then. But sharing christmas with my gorgeous little boy is enough for me. xxxx


  • Palmtree you need to claim your share of his bonus!!! We always divide my husbands into his, mine and savings - I know our lo's are enough of a gift as at is but mummy's work very hard and deserve a treat!

    Why don't you email him a self penned appraisal form for a joke with what percentage you think you deserve - he might see the funny side and pass on your very well earned reward.

  • Well Palmtree - what can I say other than 'of course you don't work'!
    I am guessing you are one of the lucky people wh owns a house whereby the housework does itself, as does the washing, and ironing. Then of course there is the how many ever hours everyday you look after your lovely baby..........

    Give that man of yours a reality check - and put your claim on some of that bonus! You more than deserve it.
  • OOoooooooooooh, thankyou ladies! I just asked what percent was coming my way, and I got a shock... " It's yours babe, you deserve a treat, maybe go for a girlie night out" WOW... He must be going soft! xxx
  • im sooo jealous!! xx
  • My dh gets a bonus too - it's different every year and one year he got double his wages!!! most went into our wedding fund but I got a big present, he got a big present and then got a joint present. He shares it every year.

    my xmas bonus is usually presents from my class! will miss that this year and al the cards! BUT, getting to see my lo doing things for the first time beats any bonus!
  • yeah i know how you feel but i still get my christmas party, but its will all the other mummy from my mother and toddler group
  • Wow Palmtree what a thoughtful thing to do!
  • Wow, what a gent!
    I went back to work recently and one of my younger, male collegues made a comment about how being a stay at home mum is easy! I absolutlely spent the next 10 minutes correcting him and explaining that as far as I'm concerned, my days at work are my days off and that the days I'm at home are a million times harder than anything he does while he's there, and I mean every word of it!!
    Anyone who is able to look after their Lo's 24/7 deserves a medal in my eyes.

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