FAO Lara RE Freecycle

it is really easy lara. you have to have a yahoo account but you could just set one up if you dont already. go to www.freecycle.org.uk and find your local site. then sign in up the top and scroll down about half way to see the messages then click view all.

once you are there you will see a list of messages like

Offered: four chairs - West Brom
Wanted: Rabbit hutch- Birmingham


Taken:Four Chairs - Wst brom.

so if you see an Offered which you want click on it then click reply which will then send an email to them and then you converse and arrange to pick stuff up via email.

But if you wanted to put a wanted in then you would click Post which is i think the third option on the left menu then type a message with a title in the format above and click submit then wait for the emails!

Sorry if I sound patronising or whatever, jst trying to explain! I have furnished half my house on there and ebay and feel quite strongly about re using stuff like that- (mainly cos Im skint!) image


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