gripe water

ive bought some but its a right pain trying to get it into lo.

do you think its ok to add it to the bottle?


  • Hi,
    We always used to measure the right amount.. and then just tip into a teat of a bottle (with no bottle if you get what I mean) and LO would just drink it like it was milk...

  • We used a dropper to get our lo to take it and tilted his head back.
    Mum swears by squirting it into the side of his mouth, then he has to swallow.
    (but to be honest Connor is a little monkey and it would only work about half the time!)
  • We used a little medicine syringe and put some onto his mouth half way through feed and the rest at the end. Then as time went on we just kept reducing the amount he was getting and now he doesn't need it at all. S x
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