what can i do?

jessica is 8 weeks old.

im finding it very hard to do jobs around the house.

like now. im typing, shes on her play mat but doing her moany cry. she'll be ok if i pick her up.
it took me half an hour today to put some washing on the horse to dry cause everytime i put her down she cries.

when i do the tea, she's in her bouncy chair in the doorway so she can see me.

eating our tea is a nightmere!!!!!!sp? i normally have her on my lap and eat with one hand ( getting good at it!!) :lol:

i dont know what to do with her. :\(

do i do the pupd method during the day? :\?


  • tried to reply but be ate it.
    Have you tried a sling. Isaac was a real cryer and would moan or cry every time he was put down, I used a sling as it was the only way I could get anything done in the day. His sister was the exact opposite and would happily play under her gym for ages. x
  • thanks, makes me feel better knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    im getting used to eating luke warm food!!
  • It does get better hun! I remember being so upset one evening when my hubby was working late as I hadnt been to the toilet for hours and was covered in boob milk and spit up, and just wanted a shower. Riley would cry if I put him down and wouldnt go to sleep. Now he's very happy to be put to play on the floor or in his jumperoo. Also, I had a hot meal today, lol! They get more frequent too, and hot cups of tea once LO is in bed in the evening, lol. xxx
  • hi, just had to reply and say i empathise with this, i have just posted a post to ask about bouncers/swings for newborns as i wondered what everyone else did so i am pleased im not the only one!!! everything you have said is what it's like in our household, dont even get time to have lunch but it's good as in 3 weeks i am back to my pre preg weight, it's hard going but very worth it eh! xx
  • Hiya

    I have 2 girls, one 3.5 one 19 wks, my first was like yours and like tallkatie we had to eat in shifts! The only thing that worked was a fisher price ocean play gym and that only lasted 5 minutes! but only if that was her first time in it that day. Also she never ever slept so I couldn't get anything done, i spoke to my HV about it and she said write down her nap times throughout the day even if its only 20 mins and you'll be surprised, so I did and she slept 8-9 hrs in 24 on average!!!!!! Like others have said it does get easier with time, my 2nd isn't bothered, she still sleeps loads and as long as she's in her bouncy chair next to the dining table she's fine.

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