Changed to formula - poo very odd?

Have just stopped breastfeeding and LO has been on formula for a week. He is 9 months so also on 3 meals a day. Whereas his poo was fairly solid, and he went once or twice a day, this past week his poo is REVOLTING and plentiful. I am changing nappies 4 or 5 times a day at least, and it's explosive, loose and yellowy/green with white bits in it (almost like when he was purely BF as a newborn). Does he have a stomach upset? Or is this the adjustment to formula do you think? He is eating and drinking as normal and seems happy.

Thanks for any advice! x


  • Hi coco
    Is it Aptamil he's on? If so then yes, "Korma poos" are part & parcel - nice!! :lol: x
  • Hi,
    No he's on SMA follow on - but yes, there is something curry-ish about his poo.... how lovely!
  • we love korma poos! We have a mixture of milky poos and solid poos on formula - tobys nappies smell much worse than my friends little man who is still breastfed though weaned.

    I would say that many is maybe a little too much though so if it continues maybe give gp a call x
  • Hi. James is only 4.5 months, and not weaned, but he's on SMA. He normally has one reasonably solid poo a day, yellow sometimes with green in. Last week he was having 2 or 3 a day, loose and have whitey bits in it. He was absolutely ok in himself, but I did think he had a bug. It lasted about 5 days. Hopefully your lo is just getting used to the formula, but make sure he's drinking enough, and I'd speak to GP if it lasts over a week. xx
  • Hi coco,

    I had exactly the same with my daughter when we switched from bfing to ff. I was very concerned as she was pooing anything up to 8 times a day. I ended up calling nhs direct however she was fine no other problems and her normal happy self. The poo reminded me of the newborn poo!

    Eventually the pooing calmed down and settled into 2/3 times a day.

    Is Sam his normal self otherwise? I would say its his little tummy adjusting to the change,you could always call nhs direct like i did they are very helpfull,as we can only offer advice on what we think.

    Hope things get better soon : )

    S.W x
  • Yes, Sam is completely fine otherwise. Think I will keep an eye (and nose) on it and if it's still so frequent in a few days get him checked out.

    Thanks for your replies.xx
  • Hi Coco, D has had a couple of tummy upsets and the runny poo has been about once an hour in those cases (little and often). If there are undigested milk curds ie the white bits (mmm, nice!) it could be that the milk is hard for him to digest after all the lovely BM.

    D went onto formula at about 6 weeks - if anything it went harder rather than looser.

    I don't want to worry you but if it doesn't sort itself out might be worth either switching to the 1st stage milk which would be easier to digest, i would think, or having his tested for lactose intolerance / milk allergy. Does he have dairy products? I'm no expert, just a few suggestions K x
  • Hi Coco, as you know my LO has been FF from 4 weeks. He is also fully weaned. Somedays I have all solid poo's and somedays a mixture.

    I have a sneeky feeling the next 2 teeth are on thier way as we are back to 3 korma nappies in the morning every day for the last 3 days much I am surprised the nappies have held it all in!

    Totally normal for us xxx
  • Are they like JJs poos lol!!! We have some very solid days and some mushy days, bur not so many korma days anymore. He did have white bits of undigested milk in his when he had a tummy upset, so maybe its just his body adapting? xxx
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