17 week old neck control

Hi ladies,

I always though my lo had good head/neck control, but seeing other photo's of babies the same age, i'm not so sure.. whenever I put him on his tummy. he tries so hard to raise his head, but only lasts a couple of seconds, he puts so much effort in I can hear him straining and then he gets upset so I turn him back onto his back, he doesn;t ever use his arms to help him, which all my baby books says they should be doing by now... he sometimes raises his head and legs at the same time, but his hands are out to the side and again only lasts a few seconds..when I hold him he holds his head very steady. Its hard not to compare, but my friends baby is rolling, doing baby press ups, so just worrying that my baby is behind?

thanks x x x x

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  • Some just develop physically slower than others. Mine did. He was the same as yours at 17 weeks, and only started to sit unaided at 8 months. He still doesnt use his arms when on his front and he is 9 months. doesnt crawl either. I don't think he will ever crawl as he hates tummy time so much but he likes to stand with help.

    He has developed mentally MUCH quicker, at 8 months he started waving, clapping hands, and blowing kisses, also says lots mama, mum mum, dada, baba & yeah, and understands loads too!

    So please don't worry, they are all different & like me you may find your baby develops earlier in other ways! Who wants an early crawler anyway much more hassle, hehe!
  • As Tiger Lily says, they are all different! Riley was always great at head control whilst upright, but hated being on his tummy with a passion and would really struggle. I have a nephew a month older than Riley, and they really are so different in what they can do. Try not to worry, just enjoy what he is doing now, he will learn the other stuff later. I'm sure your LO can do other things that your friends baby cannot. xxx
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