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When should I move to number 2 teat

My little girl is nearly 5weeks and she has started taking less milk during her feeds as she is falling asleep as a result she has only put on 5oz in 2weeks weight wise. And she also struggles slot on the 2nd half of the feed like she is getting frustrated.

The packet of tears says 3months plus do u think she is too little? Has anyone tried it early has it made a difference?

Or does anyone no what else this could be?


  • we moved up teats sizes when LO started to take ages to feed and appeared to take a dislike, it varies as to what age i cant remember when we did as it seems so long ago image as soon as we changed he loved milk again, worth a go,

    i know we switched to variflow at 5 months instead of going to no3 though x
  • Hi

    my DD is now 7 weeks and she was taking a long time to feed and seemed to get frustrated half way so i thought maybe she wasnt getting the right flow so I tried the size 2 teat last night actually and well its a no at the moment, lol the milk was going everywhere and she was getting frustrated straight away. i've put it down to wind as she is avery windy baby so when during the feed i see her getting frustrated i get her to burp and then she normally takes abit more with no hassle.

  • I am going to give it ago on her next bottle if she has troubles I'll move her back I am also trying gripe water. Do u know if I can put it in the bottle? She won't take it straight it does not say if u can or can't on the box

    Thanks for the help ladies x
  • yeah give it a try, see how you go

    for the gripewater, i wouldnt put it in with the milk but i put the 5ml dose with 1oz of water and she'll often take it.

  • Number 2 teat worked a treat she drank the full bottle for the 1st time in god knows how long we are still working on the gripe water my son was the same would never take any meds still won't a 3 unless he gets a sweet after lol
  • YAY!!!! glad it worked.

  • My baby is 8 weeks and she suffers from colic she was on 4oz milk and wanted more and took while to drink it so gave her extra oz to 5 and then changed her teats to number 2 but find she sick more wen wind her wot should I do

  • Alot of people including me lol didn't realise that if u do the bottle up to tight it's creates a vacuum so they can't get any milk out now I'm loosing the bottle she has no problem and isn't getting agitated  :)

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