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When do you stop using bottles?

My lo is 15 months old and only really has a bottle just before bed and first thing in the morning. I think he likes the night one as an excuse for a cuddle before bed but I'm not sure he's that fussed about his morning one. When does the milk stop being a 'feed' and just start being a drink and at which point do you phase the bottle out completley and just use a cup? James was bottle fed from 6 weeks and now just has cows milk.


  • I was thinking the same as Tom is 17 months and because he has been quite sickly we've kept him on progress milk from a bottle as a way of keeping his intake up but really feel it's time to stop. Guess you could offer a cup and see what reaction you get? If he lobs it at you .......
  • hiya. my lo is 19 months and i swapped her bottle for a sports cap cup so that is was still kinda the same shape. she took quite well to this and now after our hols im hoping that she will just go on to the cup with straw that she gets during the day. i still feel she need the milk at night coz she not a big eater and i dont think she would get through the night without it but we are hoping to make it more of a supper soon rather that a "bo bo" which is what she calls it.xx
  • hiya primrose was 13mnths when she started using a training cup and she took to it straight away but she did stop having milk at 12mnths...she just wouldnt take it anymore, buy a cheap cup prim has ones with handles on anywayup cup from tesco ??1.99 she loves it.x
  • Hi, my lo is 7.5 months old and he has water out of a training cup (tommee tippee) and quite happily uses that. I'm hoping it will get him used to it so when he stops having formula I can switch him onto that instead. I know it is supposed to be better for their teeth to stop using a bottle as soon as you can from around 12 months old.

    Not always easy though!

    Good luck x
  • Thanks girls. That's all really useful. James uses a sippy cup for his water during the day without any problems but as soon as I put milk in it he slings it. Maybe I should try the 'sports beaker' alternative as a half way and something different from day time and then he knows to expect milk not water...
  • My son is two and a half and still takes the bottle (and and beaker). I feel as long as he is getting his liquids I am happy to let him have it. I don't see the harnm. It's like taking a soother or sucking his thumb. Avoid giving juice in the bottle and always remeber to brush his teeth. Do whatever you feel is right, you are his Mam after all! Theory is great but practice is a different story I think!
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