Throwing a wobbler when I take something away?!

Well DD has decided to start being a little madam when I take things away from her......I mean like mobile phones, remotes, etc or even when I remove her from somewhere I don't want her to be (like putting her hands in the cat food bowl!!)
She flaps her arms about & then sobs and sobs!! This is sooooo unlike her, she's always been very chilled! She almost 8 months and crawling like crazy.
Is this just a phase she's learnt with her new crawling skill?? Is there anything I can do distraction wise? Aaggghhh!!


  • My lo can be like that, to be honest all I do is take whatever it is I dont want her toughing away and then distract her with something she is alllowed to touch.
  • Distraction! My lo is a right little Diva and will scream blue murder when somehting is taken from her! I usually try and hand her something she can her and discreetly take away whatever it is that I'm taking away from her.

    Cat xxx
  • Welcome to the next three years of your life! image

    For us, distraction worked a treat until she was old enough to comprehend why things were being taken away when we explained. Having something to 'swap' that she CAN have is helpful.

    I also offer my best parenting tip for cat owners - once your baby can crawl, switch to a high quality expensive dry food. It means you can ensure your child at least gets some top notch nutrition.....
  • Thanks ladies - distraction is the key then. Funny how she doesn't seem to be interested in her own toys though?! Just stuff she can't actually have :lol:

    Lol MrsSetters - thankfully it's the dried Purina One cat food image
  • hello kelly from BIO! lol! dont worry, we are going through it all as well!!
  • My lo is exactly the same arrghhh
  • Exactly the same here. Beth is 9 months and has definitely becoming more of a stroppy pants since crawling! I stopped her grabbing the broom earlier and she went totally mental. It was quite shocking to watch. Know what you mean, never that interested in her actual toys - just she is with stuff she shouldn't have!

  • My LO is the same and also 9 months (born on the same day as Baby B's Beth!) although she isn't crawling yet.
    I have found distraction definitely the best option. She is getting better. Today I have bought her her own baby keys and mobile phone and that seems to be working for now.
    What I don't want to do is hide everything from her. I think it is important for them to learn what they can and can't play with (although too young to comprehend that yet!)
  • Thanks ladies for your replies - good to know I'm not the only one going through it! I thought the terrible 2's may have started a bit early :lol:
  • My boy is 21months now, and still if something is taken away that he is not supposed to have he gets angry lol! We did discration when he was younger, now it is explanation and 'no, you cant have that' and let him get over his anger (we just leave :P). I doubt this is gonna end any time soon ... remember all the kiddies throwing wobblers in stores lol! :P
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