why is he suddenly doing this?


Matthew has started waking in the night every other night. He is 16 weeks and i have just started weaning him. I only give him breakfast so far!! Think i'm gonna hav to give him afternoon snack soon cos he gets twisty before his bottle is due.

But he has started waking up around 3-4am every other night. Does anyone know why and could give me any advice??


Heather xxx


  • Hi hunny
    Could he be going through a growth spurt.. sounds like he might be.
    I thought they advise not to wean yet? but i guess if hes hungry he might need it?
    caz xx
  • he really needs it. he is on 9oz bottles and he gets hungry to quick and i have to pacify him! He is a little chunky x
  • I found that Zara would have done similar & that was when I introduced another solid feed. I alway would have given her one at teatime & it seemed to see her through the night
  • i might try and give him something for tea tonight. Do you think it would harm him giving him some more baby cereal for tea aswell? x
  • It didnt do Zara any harm & she wsnt constipated. If you are worried you could always move his breakfast\to teatime & see if that makes a difference
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